Let's begin!

The picture above does more than just show a cup of coffee.  It's to remind you that these materials are meant as a beginning for your support raising journey.  They are to assist in telling your story. So, let's begin.


Preliminary Information

These are all free downloads for you to use. If you have any questions, please email canada.communications@sim.org.


If there is something else you would like to create (poster, flyer, etc) please contact us! Please email canada.communications@sim.org. Looking forward to helping you in this journey.

Mailchimp Template

Note: You need a Mailchimp account to use this.

PowerPoint Templates

Note:  For Master Slides Only. Instructions on adding to a user’s ‘themes’:

- Save the PowerPoint Template files to your desktop
- Open PowerPoint
- Click on ‘design’ in the taskbar
- Navigate to the righthand side of the ‘themes’ to an up/down scrollbar
- Hover under the down arrow of scrollbar until a ‘more’ dialogue box appears and click that.
- Click ‘browse for themes’
- Select the PowerPoint file from the desktop
- Click on ‘Save Theme’
- Name your theme and save